Who are we?

Cheltenham Hackspace is a Non-profit member run community workspace. We provide two things:

  1. 1400-sq-ft of workspace with both clean & dirty working areas, member storage and kitchen/toilet facilities.

  2. A friendly community of like minded makers, crafters and techies who are interested in everything from Electronics, Computing and 3D Printing to Leather-working, Textiles and Metalwork (Quite frankly there's too many interests to mention!).

Think of us like a gym membership, but instead of gaining access to free weights and rowing machines, you instead gain access to 3d printers, laser-cutters, sewing machines, hand-tools and workbenches.


Our Mission

We want to build an inclusive and varied community and space, in the process, we hope to support and expand Cheltenham's creative and technical communities.


Funding & Operation

We're 100% funded though our membership fees (Though we are looking to gain sponsorship from local companies). All money collected pays for the rent, bills and insurance, anything left over at the end of the month is reinvested back into the space in the form of new tools and equipment. 

All our Directors work for free and between them and the membership we work together to keep the space in good working order and decide on what's best of the hackspace as we grow in membership, equipment and space.